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IRC Information

Where to find IRC Software

How to Install mIRC (Complete with graphics)

What is IRC? (Analogy)

List of ChatNet Servers

Using mIRC with AOL

Chat Schedule for America Online (AOL)

Tuesday and Thursday Nights via America Online (AOL)

9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central /7 PM Mountain/ 6 PM Pacific

Anyone with access to AOL is invited join us in our private chat room "clefttalk".

Instructions on how to find it on AOL:

From the main menu, click on People, then People Connection. Click on "Find a Chat" then "Enter a Private Chat". Input the chat room name (clefttalk) and finally click on the "Go Chat" button. Note: Once you are in the right room, click on the red heart to add it to your Favorites folder. Now whenever you want to chat, just go to your Favorite Places Folder and click on that heart.

IRC Chat Schedule:

Note: Schedule has been changed as of January, 2000!

Friday Night:
9 PM Eastern /8 PM Central /7 PM Mountain / 6 PM Pacific

Everyone is invited, join us! Chats last until people are tired of chatting. Stop by, even if a little later.

The #widesmiles channel on ChatNet is open all the time, so feel free to drop by and see if anyone is there even during unscheduled chat times. All scheduled chats will be monitored by a Channel Operator. K9, the computer robot, is always there. (If no one else is there, at least you will now that you accessed the channel correctly, then just stop by during the regular times.

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IRC Information:

Server: ChatNet
Port: 6667 (Or what's noted if you are on America Online)
Channel: #widesmiles

ChatNet is just one of many IRC servers. If you are new to IRC and have just downloaded a client (program) to use, you may find ChatNet already listed or you may have to add it yourself (To add it yourself, see our list of servers). For an analogy of what IRC is all about, click here.

Once you connect to a ChatNet server, just type in /join #widesmiles in the Status Window.

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Where to find IRC clients (software):

Many people with IBM-compatible PC's use mIRC (http://www.mirc.co.uk). mIRC is available for download at http://www.mirc.co.uk/get.html. Download either the 16-bit (for older Windows users, i.e. 3.x) or the 32-bit (Windows 95 + up).

For help on installing mIRC, click here.

If you don't like mIRC, you can download and use pIRCh, which is another good program. It is a little harder to set up. But a very nice program to use. You can download pIRCh at 


For MAC users, use a program called IRCle. You can find information about IRCle at

http://www.amug.org/~ircle/ --OR-- http://www.ex.ac.uk/~jastaple/irc/irchelp.html

For additional help on Mac, click here.

You can also search for chat programs at sites like:

http://www.shareware.com or http://www.download.com

(You might like these sites - thousands of programs of all sorts are available for every type of computer. It requires a simple search by topic or name. Then, basically you just click and it downloads to your machine. If you'd like just a little more info on this, before you head off to find the program, you can check a couple of files in Cleft Links under the area called Internet Help.)

Additional IRC Help Pages

ChatNet's IRC Help Pages
How to Install mIRC
mIRC Help pages (on irchelp.org)
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help
New IRC Users Homepage (newircusers.com)

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