Americans for International Aid and Adoption

Americans for International Aid and Adoption (AIAA) is a non-profit international adoption agency. In the past 21 years, AIAA has found adoptive homes for more than 3,000 children. Infants to schoolage children are being placed with a strong emphasis on the "waiting child", those who by virtue of age, racial background or medical condition, wait for a family of their own. Today, there are many children who desperatel y need families and a chance for a future. AIAA is committed to helping these children, one child at a time. At present, we are placing children from India, Korea, Russia and Vietnam. The following children are waiting for families and at least a part of their medical concerns are the fact that they have cleft lips and or cleft palates. They are NOW ready to leave their country of birth and just need a family to love them.

For additional info on the children or AIAA, please contact: Teri Bell LSW, MA at

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