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Neonatal teeth happens in children without clefts as well. I've seen several cases of neonatal teeth in both children with clefts and children without clefts. Invariably, I've had to take out all of them. The fear is that if the tooth is really loose, the child will aspirate the tooth. (Accidentally inhale the tooth into the lungs - can be fatal.) It is really rare for these teeth to be stable since they have not formed any roots yet. As such, the treatment of choice is to extract the tooth as soon as possible.

(For those of you who are wondering what is neonatal teeth - These are teeth which erupt a few days or weeks after a baby is born. Natal teeth are teeth which are already in the baby's mouth when born.)

For the person who wrote about getting the run around for 2 weeks, it was probably because that dentist was not trained at a hospital based training program during his/her residency. As such, he/she did not know what to do. Sorry you ran into that problem.

John R. Liu, DDS
Dental Consultant, Wide Smiles

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