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Advice on Bone Grafts

When they take the bone from the hip, they make a cut about one inch long (maybe a little more) right where the hip bone comes closest to the skin. That bone is one of the "Flat bones" of the body, and is kind of like a sandwich. They go into the middle of that bone to get what is called "cancellous" bone. The cut into the bone is very tiny. Then, they mix that cancellous bone with a compound and make a paste, which they will then put into the area where the upper jaw bone had a cleft. At first, it will be almost a liquid in there, but as time goes by, it hardens and makes into a solid bone. This will take up to 3 months, but of course, it gets harder and harder all that time. You don't want to wiggle the area right away, cause that would disrupt the formation of solid bone.

The trick to getting well fast is to get out of bed as soon as you are able after you wake up. Jacob was up in two hours...Joey was up in four. At first, it hurts, but it hurts way less if you get up right away than it will if you wait a day or so. You will be able to walk on it that first night, but you will limp some. You may even limp for a few days. By the end of the week, though, you will almost forget that they took bone out of your hip. Tylenol will help if it hurts much.

Your mouth will be swollen from the surgery. That swelling will probably go down in about five days. It's important that you stick to the liquid foods/soft foods plan that your doctor will give you. Even chewing or biting on something hard is enough to hurt the bone graft and interfere with the new bone that is being made.

My boys had a lot of rules that lasted a long time when they had their bone grafts done. But t hey followed those rules, and their grafts were very successful! The rules were things like, No games involving balls... no bike riding.. no skateboards.. no inline skates... and so forth, for THREE MONTHS! I know it sounds like a long time now, but it will pass quickly enough. Meanwhile, maybe this will be a good time to get really good at your favorite video games, or read a few of those chapter books you like, or learn a new craft, like crochet, or model building.... or maybe all of those things, and more. You will be up and running around again before you know it.

I hope this helps.

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