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This is the "Pigeon Bottle" so many professionals recommend to parents of children with a cleft lip and/or palate, or a weak suck.

The Cleft Palate Bottle is specially designed for the proper and successful feeding of infants with a cleft palate or poor sucking strength.

The Cleft Palate Bottle's latex-free, cross-cut nipple has a thick and a thin side that gives baby the advantage of a nipple that is easily compressed. The really big benefit to it's unique nipple, however, is the simple one-way valve that allows milk to flow only when sucked or compressed by your infant's tongue. Even a "chewing" action will express milk from this nipple.

How Does It Work?
The unusually flexible Cleft Palate Bottle allows you to help baby by gently squeezing milk into the nipple. The nipple's one-way valve prevents the milk from draining out of the nipple back into the bottle. Then when your child sucks or compresses the nipple, milk is forced into the mouth. An ingenious air control feature allows you to control the rate of flow just by loosening or tightening the cap slightly.

If you've tried everything else, you will wish you had found the Cleft Palate Bottle sooner. We do, and so do many nurses and therapists who are just now being introduced to it.

Can I Just Use The Nipple with Other Bottles?
The Cleft Palate Nipple does fit on most standard size bottles. However some parents have reported a few drips or some nipple collapse. Be aware, however, that the walls of many bottles are too thick to allow squeezing. The more flexible Cleft Palate Bottle is easy to squeeze, and comes with two Cleft Palate Nipples.

To avoid breakdown of this very special nipple, sterilize for only two minutes in boiling water. Do not autoclave, steam sterilize, or use harsh detergents.


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