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There is a product to hold bandages which requires no tape -- A medical supply/pharmacy would have it in stock. It is called "Spandage" or Tubular Gauze. It's very soft and you hardly notice as far as feeling it on. A plastic surgeon might  would use it for breast surgeries to hold the soft dressings on and an orthopedic surgeon might use it on extremities.

For future reference, ask if they are using it or do they have available Medipore tape also called toilet paper tape. It looks like toilet paper while on the roll. We have success with that tape when someone has an adhesive/tape allergy.

Spandage is an "instant" stretch bandage, fast & easy to apply giving the patient more freedom and comfort. It is also latex-free.

Company information:

PHONE: (718) 875-4535 FAX: (718) 855-1618


For online information about Spandage - go to or to see a complete product listing.

For facial use, use the 6-inch bandage. Cut off approximately 4-5 inches and stretch it around your head, under your nose to secure it to your face.

Information on Medipore Soft Cloth Surgical Tape (made by 3M) can be found at or by doing a web-search on "Medipore"

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