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by Joanne Green

I monitor the foods he eats,
That he will grow up strong.
I guide his moral development
By teaching right from wrong.
I dress him warm on colder days,
And of course we immunize.
I teach him rules of safety to
Ensure his choice is wise.

If only I could hold a shield
To turn all hurts away
I'd stand a martyr's vigilance
And protect him night and day!
But there comes a time when it no longer
Does him any good
That I continue to hold the shield
That he more appropriately should.

And that becomes especially true
When peer relations start;
When hurts don't hurt his body so much
As they truly hurt his heart.
I could protect him - hold the shield -
Turn slandering others away
Or I could pass the shield to him
To keep the darts at bay.

When comments hurt my little boy
I die a bit inside.
But when I see him face his pain
I understand with pride.

Ultimately the battle is his
And he will learn to deal
With ugly words and painful wounds
That he alone must heal.
I want always to protect him,
And I know I always will,
But the best way to protect him
Is to provide him with that skill.

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