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A hemangioma is a tumor that is made up of an outcropping of extra blood vessels. There are three major types - two of them are no real big problem.

The first is the hemangioma that is called a raised raspberry birthmark. Those are brightest and darkest at or shortly after birth and then they tend to go away by themselves in the next year or two.

The second kind is flat and red to purple and is called a port wine stain birthmark. That one usually does not affect function, but darkens over time. Those can be removed through laser surgery.

The third kind of hemangioma is called "subcutaneous hemangioma" and tend to become masses under the skin. They are treated with steroids and/or surgery. In the mouth they often include some involvement of the tongue. I 
wish I could tell you that we know the prognosis, but it could be almost anything.

My son had a subcutaneous hemangioma over his spine. It never grew and now at age almost 9, it has been absorbed. We were lucky. Others have had hemangioma that have responded well to medication and not only stopped growing, but reversed the trend. Others have had to be surgically removed. Sometimes they cannot remove the whole tumor and sometimes the tumor grows back. It can be anything from completely treatable to something that will not respond well to any treatment. Likely, though, it will be something in between.

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