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         **** Wide Smiles Bottle Share Program ****

>> Anything that can be used to feed a child with a cleft represents hope
>> for a child who is struggling to be fed.

>I know I already asked, but does this include regular bottles too? 
>I'd love to help in any way I can. What are the specifics of this project? 
>(where to send the bottles, etc.).

Wide Smiles sends cleft palate nursers and other feeding devices to children with clefts in Third World Orphanages. While there are some children and some orphanages who do very well handling a cleft, the fact is, most don't. A cleft child requires more time to feed and staff time and sheer numbers of babies means that a cleft-affected child may very easily fail to thrive in an orphanage setting that has no proper equipment for feeding those kids. Many cleft-affected babies do not gain weight. They are in danger of being susceptible to any and every virus, to brain damage due to malnutrition, or to death. And yet in homes all over the world, there are cleft palate nursers sitting in cupboards because they are no longer needed by that family. WS decided to try to help meet the needs of the orphans by collecting nursers that are no longer needed by families and sending them to kids who need them. We do it through several avenues. We sometimes send directly to orphanages who request the nursers. Or we send them out with surgical teams, or we send them through a program called Aid To International Adoptions. From there they are dispersed throughout the world.

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