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This one is about: BEHR - Brainstem Evoked Response Test

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A parent said:

>Since the surgery a couple of days ago, my wife and I were hoping that we 
>would now see the baby respond to sounds -- which hasn't happened yet. We 
>are praying there is not a permanent hearing loss.  We will probably give 
>her a week or two and then contact our doctor regarding the Brain Stem 
>Evoked Response test which they discussed prior to the tubes.  Is this 
>test common among others where a hearing loss is suspected?

As far as the BEHR (Brainstem Evoked Hearing Response), it is a test done while the child is sleeping to see if there is a systemic hearing loss. If there is, then the loss would be due to a problem with the hearing system itself, as opposed to a conductive hearing loss, which means that something (like fluid) is interfering with the conduction of sound.  And a BEHR is regularly done to rule out systemic hearing loss.  Another possibility is that Amy has some swelling that is still interfering with her hearing, and of course that would be a temporary loss. One thing about the BEHR is that it can be done accurately even if there is a raging infection. It does not rely upon hearing conduction to be measured.

Good luck.  Let us know when she has the test.


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