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This one is about: Speech: Baby makes raspy, gravely sound - What To Do

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>Someone, I think Joanne made a comment to not encourage our babies to make 
>raspy, gravelly sounds in the back of their throats no matter how cute we 
>think it is. Well Sam, 4 1/2 months, has been making those gravelly sounds 
>for a couple months now and we thought it was cute!
>So now every time he makes that sound I mimic him but with a clear vowel 
>sound; which much to my amazement he will most often respond with a clear 
>vowel sound instead of that raspy sound.

Wow, how inventive of you - and probably the exactly RIGHT thing to do. The gravelly raspy sound gets to be a habit that the speech therapists, in unison, hate to see because it is so hard to break. How terrific that you chose to redirect the sound into a positive one rather than simply try to "break" him from the sound.


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