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Because Wide Smiles (WS) is a magazine written by parents, for parents of children with cleft, I always encourage the submission of contributions by parents and affected individuals. I want to encourage all of you to think about stories you may have to share that you would like to submit to WS for publication.

WIDE SMILES goes out to all 50 United States, many US territories and districts, all over Canada, and to a total of 15 countries. Subscribership is around 1300, readership is probably many times that number. A very large number of letters that I get telling me that something published in WS was a great help to them, refer to an article written by a parent or affected adult. It's that personal aura that makes WS so special.

So, for those who may be interested in submitting material for WS, I am listing below the writers' guidelines. These guidelines will answer a lot of your questions.



Writer's Guidelines

1. The mission of WIDE SMILES (WS) is to provide information and support to families of persons dealing with craniofacial issues, primarily, but not limited to, cleft lip and palate. We welcome any submissions that would serve to further that mission.

2. A submission of any material to WS implies consent to allow the publication of that material unless expressed otherwise by the author. WS will exercise one-time rights to the material and the copyright of the material will remain the property of the author. We require that you let us know if the submitted material has been published elsewhere, or if it has been submitted elsewhere and is still under consideration. This information will not disqualify the material from publication, but it will allow WS to obtain necessary permissions before publication.

3. We prefer that submissions be typed, double space. Computer printouts are ok and email submissions are ok. Length of material is flexible, but we tend to look for 1500 - 2000 word submissions (about 1 1/2 - 2 typed pages). We will probably not be able to accept submissions longer than 4000 words (about 4 typed pages), as space per article is limited. Please clearly identify yourself on your manuscript. We happily accept the submission of non-copyrighted photographic materials. Please mark any photos clearly on the back so that they can be returned to you.

4. We try not to deal with firm deadlines, but rather will work an article in to the layout of a future issue only after it has been submitted.

5. WS pays contributors in contributor copies of the issue that contains that contributor's article. The Contributor's copy of the magazine will arrive via first class mail in a mailing envelope so that it will arrive unmolested. Extra copies of that issue can be negotiated.

6. WS will reserve the right to edit any submission as necessary for publication. We do not wish to substantially change any material but may have to edit for space, brevity, clarity, etc. If any part of the material is substantially changed, we will send a copy of the change to the author prior to publication.

7. Major submissions should include a bio by-line of approximately 25 words, describing the author and presenting any pertinent information that the reader may find of interest. If you wish, you may also include your address so that readers may contact you directly. We seldom, if ever, publish personal telephone numbers of our contributors.

8. All submissions of a technical nature will be reviewed by the appropriate member of our consulting staff prior to publication. This is done to ensure the reliability of the information presented. Obviously, the author is the foremost expert concerning personal experiences.

9. There may be a lag period of several months between submission and publication.

10. Send your submissions and all correspondence to Joanne Green, WIDE SMILES, PO Box 5153, Stockton, CA 95205-0153 or email your submission to . If you have questions you may call 209-942-2812.

We do have a fax machine and can receive submissions via fax. To send a fax the number is 209-464-1497.

Thank you for your willingness to share your stories with WS.

Joanne Green

guidelines update 6/5/96

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