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Hi! We have an absolutely beautiful 8 week old little boy named Adam. Adam was born with Pierre Robin Sequence.

Feeding does create a few special challenges. First, keep Adam in an almost upright position. This will help prevent choking. Play around with different nipples and feeding systems until you find one that works for the both of you. I ultimately wound up with a Ross nipple on a Mead Johnson bottle. Feed small amounts more frequently, as opposed to a large amount every four hours if you find that Adam is tiring. Check with your pediatrician about formula with added calories, if Adams' intake is less than "normal" or weight gain is less than it should be. Find a neighbor, a  grandparent, a friend and teach them how to feed Adam. You and your husband will need as few hours away every now and then. When it's time to introduce solids give me a post and I'll add a few tips on that.

Things do improve over time! My son has excelled at speech and no longer requires therapy. His chin has achieved normal proportions. His tongue now fits his mouth. He is in braces. He's a real character with a dynamite sense of humor. Just wait! You've got a wonderful new baby that just needs a little extra help here and there. The results will be well worth the effort!

T. C.

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