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If it is like the majority of visits, you and your child will be assigned a room where you will stay while doctors and specialists of all types will rotate in to see you. Some may spend a long time with you and others may just ask you a few questions and leave. You may see any or all of the following:

A plastic surgeon; orthodontist; pediatric dentist; audiologist; speech therapist; ENT; geneticist; public health nurse; pediatrician; social worker; and possibly more.

After they each have a chance to meet with you, they will get together to discuss your case and devise a plan for the next year. You may be asked to wait until the afternoon so one of them can tell you what they recommend, or they may send you home and mail a copy of their report to you later.

Be sure to have all your questions written down before you go. And try ahead of time to identify who is the best person for each question. Bring a pencil with you so you can jot down answers. They are easy to confuse later.

A list of questions is available - WS-131 (Important Questions To Ask Your Doctor)

For many, these team visits happen over a span of several hours. It may be a long day. Be prepared with enough snacks/bottles/diapers for younger babies.

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