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Someone asks:

"Anyone ever hear of a book called "Autobiography of a Face"? Someone only told me what they thought was the title of a book written by a woman with a facial deformity and how it affected her life. Anyone know of any more details?"

Two opinions:

Yes, it is an excellent book. It is an autobiography of a young woman who lost part of her jaw to cancer as a young child. It follows her through childhood, college and a little beyond. She describes the highs, lows, self-esteem issues, and too high expectations of reconstructive surgery. This book has some coming of age issues that might not be appropriate for your younger people. You have the correct title, I believe it was published in 1995 or 1996.


Yes, I read it last April. It was about a woman, Lucy Greely, who had extensive surgeries for jaw cancer. A lot of her jaw was removed at (I think) age 9 and then she underwent tons of reconstruction after that. The book is quite candid, and it is not always easy to read. I thought it was good and enlightening. I got my copy at Barnes and Noble.

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