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Children's Books About Teasing
(Accumulated by Mary Means, UIowa nursing program project)

Alexander, M. G. (1969). Blackboard Bear, 32 pages. Dial Books for Young Readers. For ages preschool to second grade. $4.99. This is a story about how hard it is to be small in a big kid's world because the big kids won't play with you. The story captures feelings about solitude and revenge.

Alexander, M. G. (1976). "I sure am glad to see you," Blackboard Bear, 32 pages. Dial Books for Young Readers. For ages 3-7. $4.95. This book is about a bear that helps a little boy deal with other children who are teasing, selfish or bullying. The text gets at the heart of a child's frustrations.

Alexander, M. G. (1981). Move Over, Twerp, 32 pages. Dial Books for Young Readers. For ages 3-7. $6.95. The book tells a story about Jeffery who is pushed around by classmates because he is younger and smaller. The text 
shows that advice to fight back is not good advice. He comes up with his own creative idea for solving the problem.

Cole, J. (1990). Don't Call Me Names, 26 pages. Random Books. For ages 4-5. $4.95. The story is about Nell the frog who is teased by Mike and Joe. When Nell's friend is bullied by them, she becomes brave enough to tell them to stop their teasing.

Cushman, D. (1990). Camp Big Paw, 64 pages. Harper Collins. For ages 4-8. $11.95. The story is about Cyril's experiences being bullied while competing at camp. Good things happen to Cyril as he ignores the bullying and keeps about his own business.

DePaola, T. (1988). Katie, Kit and Cousin Tom, 14 pages. Simon Books. For ages 2-4. $3.95. This book tells the story of a boy who bullies his cousins until they help him get out of a jam.

Isenberg, B. & Wolf, S. (1987). Albert the Running Bear gets the Jitters, 36 pages. Clarian Books. For ages 5-9. $13.95. Albert is challenged to a race by the bully bear at the zoo. The content shares feelings about being stressed when teased and how it helps to talk it over with someone he trusts.

Keats, E. J. (1969). Goggles, 36 pages. MacMillan. For ages grade two. $6.95. The book is about two boys who are bullied by bigger boys. The boys use a clever approach to avoid an encounter with the bigger boys.

Naylor, P. R. (1991). King of the playground, 32 pages. Antheneum Books. For ages 5-8. $13.95. Kevin is bullied on the playground by Sammy. Kevin talks with his father to make a plan on how to deal with Sammy.

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