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This one is about: Prenatal CVS Testing and Causing Clefts

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Here is research that links CVS testing to clefting. It increases the risk to about 20% IF (and this is important) If and only if the CVS test is done before the 8th week. Because the earlier it is done, the greater the risk of birth defects, they are almost NEVER done before 11 weeks now. But most clefts cannot be detected through CVS or Amniosynthesis. They can only find genetic disorders that are already mapped and identified (like Down Syndrome, or any of the Trisomy's, etc). While we know there is a genetic component to clefting, it may not be detected on a chormosome test because it has not been mapped (ie, they don't know which chromosome(s) is (are) involved. So, when a cleft is suspected, the best prenatal test would be a high level sonogram. They can be done by 18 weeks. I've known some to have it done as early as 14 weeks. If a cleft is going to be there, it is there by then, and it can be found through the high level sonogram. If it can be done at 14 weeks, that's only three weeks more than the 11 week CVS test, which will not give you the information you seek anyway. (Yes, some cleft conditions HAVE been mapped, but many have not.)

CVS is a very controversial test right now - and early CVS (before 8 weeks) is almost never allowed any more. You can get mad, but don't feel guilty. You didn't do anything but trust your doctor. How could you have known? Besides, if it was done after the 8th week, there is little chance that it did any harm.

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