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FREE: How to find IRC or any software you need.
by Andrea Simon

Once you have access to the world wide web - thousands of programs (everything you can imagine, games for kids, shareware versions of popular software, etc) are available for any kind of computer. An incredibly large index of programs is located at:

It's simple. When you get to that page select the type of computer you have (mac, pc, etc). Then Search for what you need there (you'll see a box and simply type in the name of a program or description. This will give you links to a site that has the program. Then you click on the link and the program automatically downloads to your computer's hard drive.
Once on your hard drive, you may need a second program to uncompress it. It may be 'compressed' (made smaller, zipped) to save transfer time to you and space on the hosts computer. If you try to open the program on your computer and it won't open that may be why. You may need a program to unzip it.

Note: At least for the mac some are self-expanding and don't need anything extra. Meaning they were compressed but also have the ability to expand once you try to open them.

Look at the suffix at the end of the file you downloaded ex: Now you'd go back and search the shareware site for 'zip' (or whatever the suffix is) to get the program that unzips. Download that, open it on your computer & run it, then find the command to expand. Select the name of the program you originally downloaded.

It's not that hard to do. Take it one step at a time. Questions? Just Ask

For mac, and IRC chat we have been using a program called IRCLE. For pc - many use mIRC.

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