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                                                              Sept, l996

Dear WIDE SMILES family, 

It is time again for our annual fund raising drive for charitable tax-deductible donations through our donation project, FRIENDS OF WIDE SMILES.
You know how valuable WIDE SMILES has been to you. YOU have been touched by this resource. The exciting thing is, this resource continues to grow, both in terms of having more to offer the families we have served for years, and also in terms of reaching new families who need this information as well!

As with everything else in this world, our expenses continue to rise, and it is through your generosity that we are able to offer the kind of resource that you have grown to count on over these past five years. Postage, printing, publishing, office supplies, office equipment, web and internet and more - these all represent costs necessary to continue to provide the WIDE SMILES resource to our family. And yet, even with these rising costs, we have grown now to a distribution in all 50 States and 18 countries!

Our funding base is dependent upon two things. Subscriptions and sales of our literature; and tax-deductible donations. Friends of Wide Smiles is the major donation drive for Wide Smiles.

Consider the kind of resource WIDE SMILES has been to you. Consider how we have touched your life with inspiration, with information, and with the support you've needed as a person touched by cleft lip and palate. Consider also how important it is that we continue to grow and reach others with that same message of hope and strength.

Be a friend to yourself, a friend to your child and a friend to those who will travel your path some day. Be a Friend of Wide Smiles.

                                Joanne Green
                                WIDE SMILES Editor

Through donations received last year, we were able to establish our internet and web presence for families everywhere through Cleft-Talk, an internet discussion list for families of children born with cleft; and through our website, which provides instant information to any family dealing with cleft. Our website alone gets an average of more than 5,000 hits per day - meaning, we provide on average more than 5,000 pieces of information to people who need it PER DAY! We also have a photo gallery of more than a dozen children who have undergone surgical repair that can be accessed by ANY parent of a cleft-affected child, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night.  And our newest and most ambitious project to date is Cleft-Links - a program that will read much like a cleft-related encyclopedia on the web! It includes over 600 articles on everything from feeding a newborn to discussing cleft in the home. We distribute dozens of those documents per day over the internet. This is exciting stuff!! And it is made possible through YOUR generous donations. Other projects completed this year include literature development, such as a much-needed pamphlet for day care providers. And we are working now on plans for a second Wide Smiles Symposium (the first was wildly successful!) and future plans for a Wide Smiles Conference Cruise - to be announced at a later date.

Please consider a generous donation to Wide Smiles, and help us to continue this valuable and exciting development, as we strive to find the best ways to meet the needs of our families!

WIDE SMILES is a fully non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Our Tax ID number is 94-3171458.

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