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Q. Another one of my son's teeth has erupted just a little off center from the middle of his palate. I was a little shocked. I knew they would come in crazy but I never imagined they'd come in the middle of his mouth! Anyone else have this happen? Will it stay there healthy or fall out?

A Parent Responds:

My son has a tooth in the middle of his palate as well. The dentist (et. al.) have left it alone so that the most bone will develop as possible. He is 7 now and that tooth along with 2 others will never fall out. But all of his other baby teeth have decided to fall out at the same time. Anyway after he is done with his retainer the orthodontist is going to try to move it down to where it should be with braces. It hasn't caused any problems or anything except he does have trouble eating whole apples and corn on the cob and that's probably because his left front tooth grew in kinda sideways.


John R. Liu, DDS, Wide Smiles, Dental Consultant responds:

Kari is right. We try to leave these teeth alone if at all possible. In taking out the teeth, you lose some bone and these children need all the bone they can get especially close to the cleft affected area. This is as long as the tooth does not interfere with normal chewing and can be kept clean.

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