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Linda Bullard Stoich's method of treating the headaches she had because of TMJ (put simply: jaw out off alignment) often helps cleft affected who have headaches:

I had serious TMJ problems since I was around 10-11, along with daily headaches. Finally when I was about 30 (I'm 40 now) my dentist, also a friend who is Chinese asked me out of the blue if I had headache problems. I was shocked he asked this since I don't think I had mentioned my terrible daily headaches to him. I learned to keep them to myself.

He said I had a Class III jaw which was very common in the Asian community and that one of the side effects was headaches. So as an experiment he put cotton between my molars and left the room for 5 minutes. It was like a bowling ball was being lifted off my head. After that I started physical therapy, got braces (for the 3rd time), and had 2 jaw surgeries.

Joanne Green tried this method with her son Jacob who often had bad headaches. Jacob, then 9, was born with unilateral cleft lip and palate and within minutes his headache was gone!

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