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"Off Beat"

Your lens is out of focus
and your song is out of tune
Your beat is never quite in step
your winter starts in June

Your orange shirt and purple pants
just never match your socks
They say you are the circle
that will never fit the box

You disco dance to Mozart
Hang your wash out in the rain
Yet though they often hurt your pride
You never feel the pain

Your taste, they say, is so bizarre
Cartoons can make you cry
You say goodnight to all your plants
and wait for a reply!

But what they cannot see in you
I find I love the best
The thing that makes you special is
You're different from the rest!

Your heart's the size of Kansas
And you always find the time
To see that all my puzzles fit
and make my poems all rhyme

I'll comb your windblown locks
and be there to brace your fall
I'll stay your friend forever because
You're perfect after all!

    -Maria T. Mihalik

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