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Two specific conditions come to mind that involve cleft and syndactyly (fingers or toes that are fused or webbed)  or ectodactyle (fingers or toes not in normal positions.) One of those is Amniotic banding - a condition my son had at birth.  He has some missing toes and two toes are syndactly (sharing a common bone).  Amniotic banding is not genetic, but rather caused by a pre-birth accident.  The second condition that includes both and IS genetic (many times autosomal dominant, in fact) is ectodermal dysplasia, ectodactyly type.  One man I know, Mr. Roger Crawford (a fabulous public speaker, by the way) was born with numerous anomalies of his digits and was diagnosed with this syndrome.  His daughter, Alexis, was born with perfect hands and feet, but with a unilateral cleft lip.  Same genetic disorder - different expression.  I know at least 2 children (probably more if I put my mind to the task) who have both the anomalies of the digits and the cleft as a result of this condition.

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