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First of all I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support -- it means a lot to us.

Daniel is home and is going very well. He came thru like the brave little guy that he is and I am so proud to call this child my son.

We left for the hospital around 6 and Daniel was awake and talking. He seemed to be really excited about it all. He just wanted Dad to carry him and mom just followed along.

He went to surgery around 7:20 and we talked to the doctor for a few minutes and Daniel became the talk of the operating room. Whenever someone asked how old he was he told them "5". Mom kept explaining that Daniel is only 3 and He would just say okay 3 until the next person asked. When they took him down the hall to the OR I really thought I was going to lose it. He look so small yet so grown up at the same time. He eventually kept everyone in the OR laughing with his talking to everyone and telling everyone that would listen that he was "5". Anyway, the surgery lasted a little over an hour and I was getting a little worried when they finally called and said we could go upstairs. He was still groggy and they said he had sat straight up one time and then laid back down. He was not to happy and kept trying to pull at his lip and the strips. We got a mirror and let him see himself and he seemed okay then. All morning long he wanted Dad to do this and Dad to carry him now suddenly he wanted mom and it been that way most of the day now. Dad is good but mom is the only one who could get him to drink and I got him to eat a couple spoonfuls of pudding. So I feel kinda like well really really good. He is now resting and walking around a bit but he still not saying much and he just looks around like he is wondering where he is.

I really can't tell if he looks any different the swelling is real bad and he is still bleeding out his nose quite a bit. But I really am glad to have it over and done with. He has now passed another hurdle and I am so proud of him. I really wish that I could express that feeling better. I don't believe that I could handle this as 1/2 as well as my little guy.

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