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This will be a short note and I'll fill in all the details in a couple of days.

Ryan's surgery went beautifully! (Mine too!) His lip looks so good! I think that he was more of a trooper than I was. We're both still hurting but recovering and very tired. I am happy that I managed to be there for him the whole time even though our pediatrician was freaked out that I wasn't at home in bed -- NO WAY! I had to be there for my Bug -- no matter what! (Amazing what we can do when we have to huh?)

Second Post: Lip Surgery Story

Hi everyone,

Ryan and Daddy are sacked out and now I have a minute to post about our week from hell!

Saturday morning I woke up in pain...that dear old gall bladder decided to rear it's ugly head once again. I found out about this monster 3 days after I found out that I was pregnant and held my breath throughout my whole pregnancy. Then we decided to wait until Bug was through his first surgery to take care of it -- HA -- joke's on us! I finally got rid of that attack and treaded carefully for the rest of the day. Sunday morning was a repeat but this time it wouldn't go away. We were on and off the phone with the surgeon all day and couldn't figure out what to do ...finally it became dangerous (I was vomiting which the surgeon said was not a good sign) and we were on our way to the hospital. The surgery went well -- but boy, did it hurt! I'm so overjoyed that I've had a C-Section and a gall bladder operation within an 8 week span. NOT! :-)

The worse part was that everything was so perfect for Bug. Everything was in place so I decided that we had to go. The hospital that we were at is starting a CL&P Team and the surgeons from the other hospital (team) had to get special privileges to do it there. Also, the nurses from that team held a special training with the nurses that would be caring for Ryan to make sure that everything was done right. It was so hard to cancel after all of this.

The hardest part after the surgery was not being able to hold him when he got really fussy (he'd kick me in the tummy - Yeow!) but I managed to be there the whole time. I left the hospital at 5pm on Tuesday and we were back at 5am on Wednesday. We're really sick of those walls! :-)

Ryan's surgery went great! The hardest thing that I've had to do so far was to hand him off to the surgical nurse. Our PS is so wonderful though...she hugged us all and assured us that she'd take great care of him because she loved him too. I at least knew that he was in wonderful hands. They called out and gave us updates often and our  pediatrician would go in and observe and then talk to us. I feel so very blessed with our team of doctors -- they all have golden hearts which means the world to us.

We spent about 1.5 hours with Ryan in recovery and then went to his room. He was such a trooper and brave little boy! He ate 15 ounces from his Mead Johnson bottle the day of surgery! We couldn't believe it. And then...........the next day he didn't want to eat at all. We finally got 10 ounces down him after much prodding ALL day -- but the 
doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong. He was moving his lips and his tongue, so they didn't think that they were too sore to eat. I kept telling them that I thought it was his throat so finally they looked. Low and behold! Ryan had an ulceration about the size of a quarter on the back of his throat from the tube. Poor guy -- it hurt to swallow! 
So, they decided to keep him one more night and see if he was better the next day (I fought for that night! I didn't want him to come home and end up dehydrated.)

The next morning he started eating again -- not like usual -- but enough to come home. Yea! His eating is right on track -- doing about 25 ounces a day now -- but he's having some colic problems. Other than that, he is just great and his lip looks so wonderful. It amazes us that he looks so very different now! It amazes us even more that we miss his old lip so much!

We thank everyone here for the wonderful support and preparation that was given to us. We knew what to expect and were able to handle the blood and swelling etc. I'm not sure that I would have done so well without knowing. The surgery was the toughest part -- but afterward we just wanted to care of him and make him comfortable. We weren't hung up on the blood or anything like that and feel that we owe that to the support and information that we've gotten here. A HUGE THANK YOU! You all made us so very prepared!

Also, another neat part of Ryan's story is that he is the first CL repair for this hospital and EVERYONE wanted to see him. It made us feel really good that there was so much concern -- I even got stopped in the cafeteria by people that I didn't know! I hope that we've helped to open a door to other CA children and their families. There always has 
to be more and more help!

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