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Author: Joanne Green
Publisher: WIDE SMILES
Cost: $5.95 + $1.50 s/h

Anthony is getting ready to visit his special team. Like a baseball team, Anthony's special Team has many players. And each player has his or her own job to do on that Team. When all the Team members work together, it is Anthony who wins!

Anthony Visits His Cleft Palate Team is designed to help cleft-affected children to understand why they visit their own craniofacial teams, and what they can expect when they are there. Very often our young children can be quite overwhelmed by so much "grown-up" attention. Anthony is there to explain through the eyes and the understanding of another child. Anthony understands that his special Team is there to help him. He introduces each of the members of his special Cleft Palate Team to the young reader and tells what the job of that person is on the Team.

In the end, Anthony points out that he and his family are also very important members of his Cleft Palate Team. It is their job to follow the instructions of the other Team members, to ask questions and understand what is being done, and to let the other Team members know what they want from the rest of the Team.

Children are often afraid of situations they do not fully understand. Anthony is there to help your child to understand this very grown-up, very medical thing that happens to them. And in so doing, he prepares them, and helps them to be less afraid.

Anthony is designed to be a a friend and kindred spirit to other cleft-born children. Through the use of simple language and a repetitive theme, your child can understand, and anticipate the story as it unfolds, thus helping your child to identify not only with the character, but with the storyline itself.

***** Who should order Anthony Visits his Cleft  Palate Team? ******

We recommend that you order Anthony Visits his Cleft Palate Team for your child's own personal library. Not only is it a good tool to use in preparation for an upcoming Cleft Team visit, but your child may also want to use this book to share with his or her friends after a visit to his or her own Special Cleft Palate Team.

Parent support groups may also find it a useful tool in helping a new family to grasp the importance of a team meeting. And, of course, teams and clinics who serve cleft-affected children will find it a very valuable addition to their library of patient-related tools. A friend like Anthony may be just the thing that will help a withdrawn and frightened child to open up to all those grown-ups they came to see.

**** How to order Anthony Visits his Cleft Palate Team ****

All of the Anthony books are spiral-bound, with black & white illustrations. (While they are not designed to be coloring books, some children have opted to color theirs, making the book uniquely his or her own.) The cost of each book is $5.95, plus $1.50 s/h (add an additional $.50 per book after the first two.) These books may be ordered through WIDE SMILES, PO BOX 5153, Stockton, CA, 95205-0153. Please pre-pay when ordering.

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