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Vol VII Supplemental Nursing System
Produced by Kitty Frantz, RN, CPNP

Reviewed by Joanne Green

Volumn VII of the seven-tape series by Kittie Frantz, Breastfeeding Techniques that Work! speaks to the issue of Supplemental Nursing Systems. These systems are used for a number of different reasons, most of which are outlined in the tape. One of the reasons a mother may choose to use such a system is because her child was born with a cleft palate.

Ms Frantz very calmly walks a mother through the process of preparing and using the supplemental system, clearly explaining each step of the process along the way.

Though the basic technique for this system is described while modeled by an adoptive mother of a non-cleft child, there is plenty of explanation to fit every contingency throughout the process. Other mothers are interviewed, and the special needs of a cleft child are addressed, albeit somewhat parenthetically.

While watching this tape I was impressed by the clarity of the instructions given. I was also impressed by the fact that it was not entirely about the special needs of the cleft infant. At the time that mothers are choosing to breastfeed, they have little experience being a mother of a cleft child. I think it is very positive for the mother to realize that others may use a supplemental method for any number of reasons. In that way she feels less estranged at a time when she needs to feel support.

I would recommend this tape for any mother of a cleft newborn who wishes to breastfeed her child.

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