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A common problem during after care is not only the restricted diet, but the means by which we must get that diet into the baby. Most parents are advised to use an oral syringe with a long rubber catheter-type tube. The soft tube is placed inside the baby's mouth against the cheek and nutrition is safely delivered in a way that will most likely not anger the baby too much.

However, most parents find two very frustrating problems associated with this method. First, an oral syringe is designed to dispense medicines and not meals. They do not hold a very large capacity and must therefore be filled over and over again before the baby is satisfied. Second, the oral syringe requires a two-handed delivery. At worst it is barely manageable. At best, the baby cannot be held while fed.

Try this as an alternative approach: Use a combination of the Mead-Johnson nurser and a Ross Nipple. The Mead-Johnson bottle is soft-sided and squeezable. The Ross Nipple is not nipple-shaped at all, but rather shaped like an inverted funnel, the end being exactly the same in shape and form as the soft plastic tubing used with the oral syringe. Using the Mead Johnson/Ross combination, a parent not only can fill the bottle a full six ounces at a time (more if you fill beyond the graduated marks), but you can deliver the meal with one hand, allowing you to use the other hand to hold your precious baby.

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