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LET'S FACE IT: A Valuable Family Resource

Let's Face It is an organization dedicated to helping people with facial differences, their families, the medical profession and the general community to understand and solve problems associated with their disfigurement. One of their most valuable services is the annual publication of the booklet, Resources for people with facial differences. The booklet is a nearly exhaustive listing of every imaginable resource in the United States for persons with facial challenges. Not only do they publish an annotated listing of various children's books, self-help books, pamphlets, periodicals and other reading materials, they also maintain a listing of videos, toys, games, and more among the 190 listings found in the 34-page resource listing. An entire section of the resource guide is devoted to a listing of various support groups and services available nation-wide.

Betsy Wilson, herself a cancer survivor that left her with an altered facial structure, and the editor of the Resource Guide, feels strongly that the greatest resource for patients and families is each other, in the form of self-help and advocacy. It is that philosophy that defines the kind of resource that is represented by Let's Face It.

If a family needs information concerning facial differences, the resource that will supply that information is most likely listed in the Let's Face It Resource Guide. Every family, every support group, every medical office should have a copy of this most valuable resource.

Contact Betsy Wilson at Let's Face It, PO Box 711, Concord, MA, 01742.

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