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Author: Sandra Lee Peckinpah
Publisher: Dasan Productions
(tel) 818-597-8380
Cost: $15.95

Review by Christine Schnatterer

Rosey...The Imperfect Angel was a special addition to our family library. In this beautifully written fairy tale, "the real Rosey" is Sandra Lee Peckinpah's adorable daughter, Julianne, who was born with a cleft lip and palate. Rosey, the angel, was born shortly thereafter.

Rosey is an angel with a cleft lip and palate who lives in the Land Called Above. With Boss Angel's guidance and encouragement, Rosey overcomes the difficulties she faces in nurturing her garden, as well as the teasing she faces from the other angels.

In this charming fairy tale, Rosey realizes that she is perfectly different is is greatly rewarded for her efforts by being chosen as the first angel to journey to the Land Called Below.

By using a fairy tale approach, the author appeals to children who are at an age when fanatsy plays a major role in their lives. Rosey is entertaining, as well as delightfully effective in imparting the age-old message that there is beauty in imperfection.

I found Rosie the Imperfect Angel appealing to all ages of children, as well as adults. I'd like to point out that this book will benefit cleft-affected children in two ways: first, by improving their own self esteem; and second - and most importantly - by educating their peers to become sensitive to children who are "perfectly different". an excellent book for sharing in the classroom.

Although more suited to children ages four and up, the younger child can also enjoy the book and its message through Trisha Moore's lovely illustrations.

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