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Reviewed by Joanne Green

When our babies go to the hospital for initial surgeries, it seems that all the emotional preparation is done for the benefit of the parents. The infant child is often much too young to anticipate surgery, and at the same time, the new parents are unsure and often uneasy about trusting their precious child to a medical team. But we get through it.

Then the second round of surgeries begin. The needs of a child at four months vary greatly from those of a child at four years - or eight years. They anticipate. And they also remember. And as parents, we face a whole new set of emotional needs regarding our child's surgery.

Slim Goodbody's The Before Tour is designed to speak to the needs of a 3 - 11 year-old child that is facing surgery. In the video, a young boy walks through all the steps of admission, presurgery preparations, anesthesia and recovery, in the company of a familiar TV friend, Slim Goodbody. The combination of live action and clay-mation make this musical interpretation of the surgical environment both fun and non-threatening.

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