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This one is about: Children's Book - The Loveables in the Kingdom of Self Esteem

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Author: Diane Loomans
Publisher: HJ Kramer Inc
Starseed Press
PO Box 1082
Tiburon CA 94920
Cost: $14.95

Reviewed by Joanne Green

What a treasure this book is! A terrific find and a must-have for every child's library.

Your child is invited into the Kingdom of Self-Esteem by saying the magic words three times, "I'm Lovable, I'm lovable, I'm lovable" - and the gates open wide to admit your most lovable child and to introduce your child to all the lovable qualities that every child has inside.

Each lovable quality is personified in an animal, charmingly and gorgeously drawn by Kim Howard. Lawrence Lion is Courageous. Owne Owl is Capable. Elena Elephant loves to learn and Bobbi and Billy Bear love to play and have fun.

Each of the lovable characters explains his or her best quality in a fun light rhyming verse that my children found delightful. For instance, Daniel Dolphin loves others as they are. He says, "All of the Loveables near and far - Are oh so lovable just as they are. - Love is the greatest gift you can give - To yourself, and to others, as long as you live."

While this book was not written specifically for children who may have some sort of difference, it nonetheless makes points that may be particularly salient to our children. For instance, Oscar Ostrich, who is Special and Unique, says, "With such skinny legs, some say I'm absurd! - Still I know I'm a really neat bird. - You are special by just being you, - Love yourself and others will too." Zena Zebra advises our children to "Show who you are in your own special way", and Pierre Peacock shares his secret, that "True beauty comes from an inner glow."

My children love this book. Even if they had responded less than enthusiastically at first, I still would have considered this one of the most valuable books in our home library. It is a book that is to be read slowly and discussed. The verses that follow each new Lovable character could each be a credo for living - simple enough to grasp, yet profound in the scope of its lesson.

A positive self-esteem in our children is possibly the single greatest factor in terms of success and happiness. This book both fosters and nurtures that positive sense of self-esteem. If you find this book, get it. If you cannot find it, order it. Your child will thank you for it in years to come.

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