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This one is about: The Warning Signs of Clinical Depression

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Grief is a normal response to a life crisis. However, if grief becomes fixated it may really be a reactive depression (clinical depression triggered by a particular event). There are some warning signs that you may want to look for if you fear that your grief process is no longer normal. If you recognize any of the following warning signs in your life you may want to seek the help of a psychologist.

1. A dysfunctional life that does not improve over time.

2. Constant obsessing about the crisis (measuring time by "before the crisis" and "after the crisis", etc.)

3. A change in sleeping habits (either insomnia or sleeping all the time).

4. A change in eating habits (no appetite at all or binge eating).

5. A change in emotional states (flat, or no affect; or frequent weepiness)

6. A preoccupation with morbidity.

7. An overwhelming feeling of hopelessness.

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