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What to Pack for Hospital Stays? Some parents respond:

Q: Did anyone NOT pack something, and then regretted it? In the same vein, what DID you pack that you are so glad you did? What was indispensable? What was just a waste of space?

I know this is going to be different for each family... but there must be some common opinions out there that my husband and I could benefit from.

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For the baby:

Favorite stuffed toy or blankie from home, (for comfort)
Sheet or blanket from the crib (for familiarity)
Ross nipples and Mead Johnson bottles (easier to use than the syringe)
A small brag book with familiar faces (passes hours at at time if the child is over 6 months.)
Music box (my kids loved them)
Favorite picture books
Front-buttoning shirt (for ride home)
sweat pants/Socks (For chilly hospital rooms)
Cloth diapers (burp rags) - Our hosp. used paper towels (ouch). be sure to label or make hosp. aware that they are yours though or they will get lost

For YOU:

Comfortable clothes
Your own toiletries
Coffee from home in a thermos (optional to others, but not for me!!)
Your own coffee mug
Some of your favorite snacks
Reading material
Money for meals
Change for coke or snack machine
Your personal phone book from home
A camera (Especially if you want to share your pics in the gallery)
Long Distance Calling Card (if you need to contact out-of-state relatives)
A happy snapshot of your babe...or a picture of something that brings you peace/serenity

Sarah was just 7 months old during her last surgery so I didn't take much in the way of toys, etc--just some bright stuffed animals for her to look at and a nurse attached a musical mobile to her crib which I thought was really nice. Bring anything musical that might have a calming effect.

One thing I was glad to have for both of us was sweat pants and slipper socks/booties. The gown was fine but her little legs and feet would have been quite cold. I was glad to have sweats to sleep in and walk around in as
the hospital was quite chilly.

I also brought lots of snacks and magazines to pass the time. (I also brought stitchery but was too fidgety and distracted to work on it)


Hi - I'd like to respond to things to take and DO before a hospital stay. Many of you who are first-time parents needn't bother with this, but I'd like to caution those who leave under-age children at home to please leave behind an insurance card and a "permission to treat" slip with those children left with any care-giver even if it is a grandparent.  My son, who was 18+ at the time, had our 8-year old in another city. They were playing ball and Amanda caught a pop-up WITH HER NOSE!!! The hospital would not treat without parental consent and I was not able to be reached.  It became quite "heated" at the hospital until they decided it was "ok" to give her some pain medication. So to all of you who are soon going to hospitals for surgery--GOOD LUCK--but prepare for those left behind also.  Thanks for the list.

I packed lots of diapers, did not need them once he went to surgery. I packed button down shirts so he would not have to wear clothes that went over his head after surgery so I would not stress his lip. He wore a gown until  discharge which was nice cause it got icky.  I packed his blankie and it got lost. Pack blankie but keep it with you until discharge. I packed lots of clean clothes for me good idea.  Hospital was cold. The only toys I needed were for the night before as we live a long way from hospital. He did not play much for a couple days as he was dopey. I  packed several books for myself, good idea.  Also I used a backpack to pack in as I was alone with Michael at the hospital and that left my arms free to push the stroller which I took good idea.  The nurses gave me a styro cup and Ensure for the trip home good idea.  Good luck. You will be fine and so will your angel.


Just a quick addition on what to take to the hospital.  Be sure to put your name on everything.  The baby's blankie, toys, clothes, etc. We had one of Amy's favorite little baby dolls vanish and were never able to find it - wish we'd put our name on it. :o(

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