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A parent from Cleft-Talk writes:

"I feel pretty guilty for letting him get sick and am wondering HOW to KEEP him healthy for the rescheduled surgery. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated."


Sorry to hear about the surgery being cancelled. I don't think you should feel guilty about it though. I surely don't think you would let him get sick if you had any control over it. I know it sounds easier said than done, I'm pretty good at giving myself the guilt trips. Hope all goes well for the re-scheduled one! We'll keep our fingers crossed.

p.s. Our PS said that in Feb. he could almost go on vacation because so many kids were sick.


Sounds really weird but in addition to limiting exposure to other people, the best thing you can do is wash your hands and his - almost fanatically. Most germs are spread via the hands. And you know how kids love to put fingers in their mouths.


Hope you find this information helpful (and on time).

Zac (now 8 years old) had his palate repair surgery "re-scheduled" when he was a babe. We had originally scheduled it in March.  We drove to Denver two days before the surgery ... and were told the day before surgery that he had an ear infection :-( Zac had also been scheduled for his second set of ear tubes... so the docs thought it wise to "wait". The surgery didn't take place until May. (It is sometimes difficult to find a time when several surgeons are necessary.)

Please!!!!!! Do not be too hard on yourself! I am not sure how to "prevent" bronchitis. But with Zac's ear infection, our local doctor began him on antibiotics several days before we left to Denver. Re-scheduled surgeries are very tough on Mom and Dad... but important for the success of the surgery. It's tough enough to have to heal from the procedures; doubly tough when the body is already fighting another battle.

Good luck to ya!!! God Bless


Hi! I'd just like to add to the comments about handwashing. Last year, our surgery was scheduled for the day-after Thanksgiving. I had already been having him in "semi-isolation" from cousins, relatives, friends (mostly the littler children, who are carriers for germs!) for about 2 wks. prior to that date just as a precaution. Both my mom & sister work in retail stores (they come in contact with a lot of people, and we were living with them) and I made doubly sure they washed their hands a lot. (btw, I didn't ask mom to do this but that year she didn't really invite anyone over for Thanksgiving last year). Colds will happen and you can do what you can to prevent them, but really if the surgery is cancelled -- it is in the best interest. It is tough though to have it cancelled...Good luck & best of health to you and him!!


You might try making sure he has a good vitamin extra c

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