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We're home from the hospital! Surgery was Wed. am and we came home Fri. afternoon. Everything went well. The palate closure took 4 hours. He said three, so I was getting worried towards the end. But he was able to close the entire thing (hard and soft palate). She was in recovery for 3 hours, they gave her some pain meds which brought her O2 level down, so they put her on some oxygen for a few hours. Howard wasn't feeling very good, but he wouldn't miss her surgery for anything. The nurse in recovery took his temp. and it was 102. So they sent him home! Jade was doing fine. Sleeping off and on during the day and night. The day after she was a lot more alert, but didn't want anything to do with drinking. (It was nice to be prepared on this one.) So we didn't push it. She probably only had a couple syringes (small) of liquids all day. Friday am though, she was drinking from her sippy cup! She also had some cream soup and juice for lunch. She met the criteria for discharge, (drinking, and taking meds by mouth) so we were set to go home at 4:00. We no sooner got home and I started getting the chills and temp. etc., so I've been sick and out of it too. From reading the earlier posts, I guess we've fallen into the same parent category. Luckily Howard bounced back soon, and I already feel better. Maybe it is the stress, or maybe it's the hospital food!

Anyway, we are so proud of our little trooper!! She is older (14 months) and already weaned from her bottle (I did that about 1 month before surgery), so she is doing very well with her cup. I think this has made the difference, I can see how hard it would be if she was younger and on the bottle. We have to be careful not to eat in front of her. I even moved her high chair out of the kitchen, so she can't see or point to any food. She's still much fussier than usual. But we're hanging in there. Three weeks seems like such a long time!!  We're four days into it though.


Here's a response to Jade's Mom:

Wonderful for her!!!! Too bad for you! I also got sick right after Jacob's first surgery. I think it was a combination of the stress of the surgery, the lack of my own personal care and exposure to a bug in the hospital. At any rate, I was sicker than a dog right at the time that my son needed me the most, and scared to death of exposing him and making him sick too. But with the help of my family, we all got through it and we all survived.

Then after his second surgery - Jacob got sick. He started to come down with a cold as he came out of recovery. The doctor picked up on it in his first visit back to the room. He had had palate surgery and a lip revision, and of course my first fear was infection. But once again the angels smiled on us and everything turned out ok.

Well, it's good to hear that your beautiful Jade did so well. Take care of yourself and drink plenty of fluids. You will all be back to 100% in no time at all.


And, another response from Jade's mom:


Yes Jade did have a congested cough that didn't bother her too much during the day, but she would have coughing bouts at night and when she first woke up. She also ran the temp on and off. I thought she was a little warm but they said at the Pre-op appt. it was about 100 or maybe 101. We did take her to see her pediatrician the Mon. before surg. (ours was on Wed. too), he found nothing. But did put her on an antibiotic, even though she only had two doses before surg. It probably was to help us feel better. Then she also broke out in a slight rash on her back.(?) No one seemed too concerned or too worried. She really was acting fine, and I wouldn't of given any of it a second thought except for the upcoming surgery. So I know how you feel. If her surgery is on for Oct. 16th, that still gives her a week to get better, and our PS said they usually will do the surgery especially if it's at the tail end of a cold.

The cold never effected Jade after the surgery. They also started her on a new antibiotic to decrease the chance of infection anyway. I hope this helps. Let me know if there's any thing else I can do.


Thanks so much for asking about Jade. She is doing a lot better. I came up with a banana shake combination that seems to be doing the trick, so far. I know what you mean about feeling paranoid. I can't wait to have our second check-up post palate repair tomorrow. I've noticed that when Jade drinks, she still has some liquid come out her nose. It's kinda scary because everything should all still be enclosed, right? I think it's because she's been experimenting with blowing out her nose and making different noises, etc. Maybe she hasn't learned to swallow it all down and since she's so used to fluid and food passing up there anyway, she tries to blow it out. Just my thoughts, I hope that's the case. We'll know tomorrow.


The Plastic surgeon told us that Jade still has a small "slit" at the front where the new palate tissue abutts to the existing gumline ridge. So it is normal for her to still have a small amount of fluid come out of her nose.

Jade is past her 6 week recovery period and everything is all healed. She likes to tip her head way back and get tickled, so I can see up there and it looks just like anyone else's palate. The stitches are all gone and it's just looks pink.  She's making new sounds too. She already started saying No! No! in the hospital, and we're starting to hear a few Da Da's too. She especially likes to "click" her tongue on the roof of her mouth now!

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