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This one is about: Andrew's Palate Repair (Pre-Op)

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This is written by Andrew's mom:

Well, we went to the pre-op appointment for Andrew's palate surgery yesterday. The highlights were:

1. The plastic surgeon was pleased with his good health, and being so tall and strong. And amazed that he has been walking since he was 9 1/2 months old.

2. She was receptive to using the Ross nipple instead of a syringe for aftercare. But it disturbs me that she had never seen them before!

3. I don't think that she is used to parents who are so knowledgeable about the procedure.

4. The "cutting" will be a lot more extensive than I had originally thought. Not exactly the "just sew it up" that she had previously spoken of. Even for a cleft of the soft palate.

5. She says absolutely NO children's Motrin/Advil as it would interfere with blood clotting.  Glad I asked instead of just using it! She has given us a prescription for Tylenol w/codeine. But says to first try just Tylenol, then Tylenol and a dose of Benedryl (never heard this one before), then lastly Tylenol w/codeine.

6. We have to take Andrew to the hospital on Monday for blood type and cross. Ugh.

7. We are supposed to give him four ounces of apple juice or water at 12 or 1 am the night before. Yah sure, that should be easy - NOT!

Well, that's all that I can think of. I'm already not sleeping well, but then it has been hot around here (San Francisco Bay area).

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