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Well I'm home for a bath and clothes changing and to run to McDonald's for breakfast (even though I worked there for 2 years and ate there 6 days a week at the time, I still love the food! ) it's 7:30 am California time. Andrew went in for surgery at 7:40 am Wednesday, and we didn't see the PS until 11:20 am! They had trouble with the IV and he has marks on both hands and feet. Everything went as well as could be expected. She ended up doing a z-plasty after all. He is fine as long as he gets a tiny dose of morphine every two hours. The hospital arm restraints really were made from old x-ray film, good thing that I brought my own. And now they can't find the right stuff for the catheter feeding, so I'm also glad that I ordered the ross nipples. He actually slept okay through the night (off and on), I think that I got 4 hours of sleep, which really isn't bad. They are going to take out the tongue stitch this morning. His tongue is really swollen and sticks out a little! Poor baby. There is absolutely no blood coming out of his mouth. just slightly pink spit at first. I hope that the IV comes out soon, since it is on his foot and he likes to stand and walk. More news when we get home for real.


Hi all, we are home! I'm tired and my back hurts, but Andrew is asleep, good boy! He stayed in the hospital two nights. Yesterday he had his last morphine at 4 pm. But it turns out that his IV was screwed up and after they fixed it he seemed much happier. He slept well through the night except of course for the nurse bugging him. Finally got up at 5:15 am. He only wanted to drink chicken broth. Had 4 ounces at dinner. Had 8 ounces at 4:30 am. then another 8-12 around 7 am. Doctor came at 8 am. Said that he was doing remarkably well and they took out the IV and we left! It's been a bit harder since he came home (it's only 2:15 now). He was willing to just hang out at the hospital, but wants to do too much at home. Wants to walk and just stumbles around. Refuses oral medication, we had to run out and get Tylenol suppositories. Which he hates too! Hasn't had much to drink since coming home. Has already probably had way too much salt today. I think that it will be better tomorrow when we can give him full liquids.

I better get some rest. More on hospital experience when I get some sleep!

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