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This one is about: Andrew's Palate Repair (Post-Op)

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This is a continuation of Andrew's (soft) Palate Repair Post-Op:

day 11: Andrew is making "baba" sounds

day 12: Andrew starts making "dada" sounds

Day 21 (three weeks): We go to the PS, Andrew's repair looks good, no visible fistulas. No more restraints! We went home and I offered him a bottle and a pacifier. He looked the pacifier over and handed it back. He took the bottle and proceeded to draw on the floor with it. So no more bottle. He can now eat anything except sharp things like chips and pretzels.

Four weeks: Andrew finally decides that it is okay to drink formula from a sippy cup. (until now we have been giving it to him spoonful by spoonful.)

Five weeks: Andrew turned one year old. we went to the pediatrician for his 12 month checkup. He didn't eat much the first week after surgery. He was back up to his regular amount the second week. The third week he was eating like a pig. The fourth week he was back to normal again. So at his checkup he was his usual 75th percentile in height and head size and 50th percentile in weight. He probably had gained almost a pound since the surgery. The doctor is concerned that he is behind in speech. My mom's group met the next weekend. All of the kids are Andrew's age. His speech really isn't behind the others, so I am feeling better. (The walkers aren't talking and the talkers aren't walking.)

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