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Hey guys, I need help on this one...

Maia is 1 week post palate repair, and has been getting disgusting white patches on her stitches. We thought it was infected, but a trip to her dr's yesterday revealed it was food. The Dr. tried scraping it off, but today there seems to be more of it growing. Her Dr. didn't seem too concerned, but I am. It seems to be bugging Maia. Is there a way to prevent his or get it off? I'm scared to try and pick at it like the dr did.


Why not follow her meal with clear water?  That may wash off the extra stuff while it is still wet and soft. Or use a q-tip soaked in peroxide. Roll it on - - then roll it off, until the line is clean. It has to come off because any foreign substance is a threat to infection.

Or maybe you can squirt it gently with a saline solution - - just a thought.

Peroxide wouldn't hurt as long as she is not swallowing it, but she is not likely to let you do it on the palate.

Make sure you check out any yeast infection, but the bottom line is, many times the healing tissues do look white for a while, so it could just be normal healing. If it's food, though, you will want to keep it clean.


Thanks, I'll try the q-tip Idea. I've already been cleaning her mouth religiously after every meal with cool  water, trying to aim it at the gunk. Won't peroxide be bad in her mouth? or make her sick?


Our pediatrician suggested a water pic on a very, very low setting. Maybe that would work?


"Won't peroxide be bad in her mouth? or make her sick?"

My dentist has me dip my toothbrush in peroxide and brush my gumline to fight gum disease. It tastes terrible, but in small amounts on a q-tip it should be ok.

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