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Tomorrow we go back to PS's office to get stitches out and dress the upper lip again with two new steri-strips. I am NOT looking forward to it!!! To seeing him go through more pain. The dr. told me I could wait in the waiting room, that it might be best. I told him, absolutely NOT. I will remain with baby thank you very much!!! HOW DID ALL OF YOUR BABIES HANDLE GETTING THE STITCHES OUT?


Is he still taking codeine? That may make him more irritable. I found Tylenol was best - lasted longer and did not make him irritable. We had to hold Michael down it took three of us to get stitches out but he is 2 - 1/2. The nurse practitioner was very kind. They have to hold child still because it is fine work, and tedious. So of course he screamed. But was over soon. Then he looked so much better without all that blood and goop. Good luck. this will pass.

My PS took out Paul's stitches 2 days after surgery and he barely even flinched. I was worried, but Paul was good and it didn't even seem like it hurt him. These were the surface stitches, on the outside of his lip and into his nostril. The ones in his nostril did start to bleed some and I just waited until it dried, then used a q-tip with peroxide to clean it up.

My advice is to get the suture line as clean as possible, no dried blood if possible, it makes it easier to remove the stitches. I would just roll the q-tips back and forth over the suture line until it was blood free (*VERY* gently of course!)

We cheated with the stitches. Emma stayed in hospital about 5-6 days until the stitches were ready to come out, so she was taken to the operating theatre and put under a light general anesthetic to get them out!

None of mine had any problem with it.  Not even Jessica - my little hellcat!

We were also still in the hospital until the stitches came out. Sheldon was knocked out also (like Emma). Sorry, but I can tell you that it was very fast and once the bloody tapes were taken off and replaced with clean ones it was a lot better.

Theo whacked the surgeon in the mouth. It took about five minutes, and the surgeon got the worst of it.

In response to the question concerning stitch removal - Rebekah was taken in via Outpatient and given a "whiff" of anesthesia. No problem with the removal! It was the LEAST stressful procedure so far. Good Luck!

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