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Sabrina is currently 11 going on 20. (She really got into shopping for clothes yesterday). Back to the subject, she had her bone graft done in Oct. of 95 when she had just turned 10. The surgery lasted for about an hour and a half, and she came home the next day. Her gum line looks just about normal, except for a small indentation where the graft brought together the gum line.

She experienced little pain, almost none in the mouth, just sore for a couple of days while she walked. The more she walked the better she felt. She was on a soft diet for about two weeks, but she did cheat a little by eating finely ground taco meat and some bits of cheese that we broke into very small pieces, and she put on the opposite side of her mouth from where the graft was done.

There was a big celebration at our church, and they served her favorite tacos, so one teaspoon of the meat and a little cheese. Her surgeon said that she needed to be very careful and she was. We made sure she cleaned her mouth out with the mouthwash/water solution, and mostly for the first week she ate cottage cheese, soup broth, macaroni and cheese (blended) and a lot of milkshakes. The only trouble we had was when she returned to school they didn't want to heat up her meals I sent, and I let them know they had no choice. This was the only thing she could eat, and they had to make it so it would be there for her. She did not have any teeth implanted, about 2 years prior to this she had had a baby tooth removed in that area that had come in sideways inside the gum itself. Next Monday she will have 9 teeth removed (4 are permanent) for her braces. I think I made her dental surgeon a bit upset when I told him I though he might want to consult with her surgeon who did her graft since there is a shadow that they don't know for sure is a tooth. I don't want him to damage that graft.  I am calling her bone graft surgeon tomorrow, just to check. He is absolutely wonderful - willing to consult with all of her dental doctors. Oh well, guess I may have rambled a bit too much.

Any other questions, I will see if I can help. Basically she was eating regularly after about 3 weeks, but I was still pretty careful not to let her have any hard food (hard tacos, biting into pizza, etc) for a couple of months. We did what the surgeon told us, and for the most part (except for the ground meat) errored on the side of caution. (Just ask her school how many times I told them she could not be in PE until they had a signed release from her surgeon - I think I may have been thought of as a witch because I was so firm about how careful I expected the school to be also).

Take care and blessings to all, 

Kathi from Waterloo

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