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This one is about: Pierre Robin - Girls vs. Boys

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Over the period of a few weeks, various parents of children with Pierre Robin discussed things. We have attempted to compile the information for you. This is the 6th in a series of 6. If you would like to meet some of these parents I suggest you join Cleft-Talk - the email discussion group.

My daughter is not affected by PRS (she has a bilateral CL&P) but I've noticed that most off the children being discussed who do have it are girls. Is it more common in girls? Anyone know the statistics or ratio? I have read that cleft L & P  are more common in boys, especially bilateral.

Just curious, as always.


Clefts in general is more common among boys than girls, but it is not UNcommon for a girl to have a cleft. Unilateral clefts are more common on the left side than the right, but it is not UNcommon to have a right-side cleft. Pierre Robin Syndrome/Sequence, I think, has no statistical predominance, though I agree with you that most of the children I know of with PR are girls.


I agree too. I even commented about it at the cleft palate clinic but they said there really is no more occurrences in girls than boys. Of course though I probably know more babies with PR here online than they know ;~). And there are way more girls born with PR than boys here.

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