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This one is about: Causes: Proventil (Asthma Inhaler)

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There must be lots of drugs out there with potential to cause clefting. When you read the pharmacy info on Proventil (asthma inhaler), it tells you that it produces clefting in a large percentage of lab rats....well, the connection between people and lab rats has never been 100% direct, but it bothered me that my doctor who knows about Ruth's cleft situation and the fact that I am still of child bearing age gave this to me to use. The only reason I knew this side effect is because the gal at the pharmacy failed to take the product info paper out of the box on the third inhaler. They are supposed to tear this sheet and give the consumer just the simple, general "don't overdose yourself" part.

My advice: Really look into what supposedly safe medications you are taking, both men and women!

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