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***Feeding Gastrostomy List

New Email discussion list announced:

G-tube and J-tube email list is for users of, and caregivers to those who use, feeding gastrostomies. This is an unmoderated list for any person who uses a feeding gastrostomy or provides personal or professional care to a person with a feeding gastrostomy. List topics include nutrition, tube attachments, feeding regimes, stomach care, leak management, transition back to oral feeding.

To subscribe, send email with the subject SUBSCRIBE to

You can also subscribe on the World Wide Web at:

Owner:  Ward Scarff


G-tube links: (All links valid as of 5/99)

 Bard Interventional Products
 Photos and Information on Bard's Gastrostomy feeding devices.

 Ballard Medical 
 MIC Products
 Photos and information on the Ballard MIC products.

 Microvasive Gastrostomy tube

 Microvasive TTP J-Tube

 Microvasive Mini Button Low Profile Balloon

 FlexiFlo Magnaport from Ross Products

 Moss' Triple Lumen Gastrostomy Tube

 Moss' Transgastric Jejunal Feeding Tube

 Moss Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Kit (PEG)

 Suru Infant Feeding Tube

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