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Things We Do For Love by Joanne Green

The evening after the morning of surgery I sat exhausted in the big wooden rocker of the Pediatric ward, my tiny daughter lying fretfully in my arms. More than twelve hours past the [palate repair] surgery, she was awake now more often than she was asleep. She was still groggy from the anesthesia, in pain from the surgery and more than a little frightened of her strange surroundings.

She had taken her medication but she still wrestled against restfulness. Hurting. Tired. Drugged. She was not a happy camper. I knew one thing would help to calm her. My daughter loves music. She loves to be sung to. But it's not the common lullabies that lull my daughter to sleep. Oh no. She's a little more country than that.

I smiled as I remembered my TV hero, Murphy Brown, and the "curse" involving her son, Avery - the boy who loves Barry Manilow. Can my Jessica be any different? I looked around toward the hallway to see if any nurses were close enough to hear me make a fool of myself. The coast was clear. I leaned my cheek against the top of my sweet daughter's head and I began to sing. "Don't tell my heart - - My Achey-Breakey heart - - -" And within moments my baby fell silent and restfully listened to her very favorite song in all the world.

I felt a little silly singing a Billy Ray Cyrus song in peds. But I continued repeating the well-worn chorus of that song over and over again while my child slept peacefully in my arms.

I laughed months ago when I watched Murphy Brown debase herself and sing "Mandy" to her infant son. But on the night I belted out a hundred choruses of Billy Ray, I realized what a natural mother Murphy turned out to be. It all comes under the heading of "The things we do for love."

Good luck, and heal quickly.


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