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I wanted to let people know that Maryland also has a program that helps families with chronically ill children that have major medical bills. It's called the Model Waiver Program and gets children on Medicaid as a secondary insurance to pay for what their primary insurance does not. The program for once is not based on the parents income, it is based on the child's. We too were referred to other government programs that practically laughed us out of the office when we applied. This program was hard to get onto and a lot of people don't know about it, even those in the medical profession. I'm sure a lot of states have programs like this but you really need to search it out and be persistent. It took Maryland over five months to get Ryan through the process. Thank goodness our primary insurance opted to pay for things like private duty nursing at night which is not a regular benefit of most insurance plans. Unfortunately the Medicaid does not pick up until the day they finally have your plan of care meeting. But at least this year I don't have to look at hitting the catastrophic limit on our insurance plan before everything is paid for 100%. Medicaid will pay for our $10 co-pays and the 5% of the doctors bills when he has cleft palate repaired and ear tubes put in. Medicaid will also pay for any special equipment that Ryan may need due to his developmental delays that our insurance may turn down. If nothing else I have learned that even the best insurance companies become fickle on what they pay for outside doctors and hospitalization.

Well I know I rambling but thought I let people know besides Texas, Maryland has a program out there.

Margie M.

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