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This one is about: Vinegar & Water - Possible Cure for Bad Ear Infections

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Vinegar & Water - Possible cure for bad ear infections

Note: Please check with your own doctors. Wide Smiles does NOT dispense medical advice, just shared knowledge and experience.


Hi, this is Stephanie and my son Caleb has had something wonderful happen to him.

Before, I say please remember this is what OUR ENT recommended and please ask your ENT before trying this.

Caleb was in his 2nd set of tubes & the fluid was a constant battle it literally ran down the side of his ears just like a runny nose would do. None of the meds were working. This went on since the first set was put in (July 96) Our own ENT was frustrated & was ready to send us to someone more specialized than him (He's a great Ped. ENT who works mostly with CL&P children). Anyway when we went in Nov. we had a culture done on both ears. It came back as staph. infection AND strep phenioum (you know what I mean I have got to get better with this medical spelling).

Well... we have been FLUID FREE a little over a month now all because our ENT said I want to try one last thing. Vinegar & water in the ears three times a day. Now, some of you may know this I'm not sure but in Caleb's case it worked wonderful. WE ARE THRILLED!!!!

You can really see the difference in his babbling too. We go to Audiology next week to make sure we are aware of any damage if any. I'll keep you posted.

Remember this was our ENT. Please don't think I'm giving any medical advice, I just wanted to share our HAPPY ending.


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