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This one is about: Saline Drops - Use it for Colds & for Rinsing Food

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Saline Drops - How to use for Rinsing Food & Colds

Below is one mom's experience & response to a question posed on cleft-talk (email discussion list). Consider joining to get helpful hints and support from others who are traveling the same path as you.

I saw your question on congestion and saline drops and had to reply. We basically depended on saline drops for the first 6 months or so of James' life! (He had a bilateral cleft of the soft palate). Not only did they help keep him more comfortable when he had a cold, but they were also great for rinsing out his nose/throat after every feeding. They really helped to keep the formula out of his nose, and I think they also helped to keep his number of ear infections down.

The best way to administer them is to put a little drop on the very tip of his nose, right above his nostril. It will get sucked in by your son's breathing. Repeat this process a couple of times for each nostril. This is pretty tricky though, and it takes a little practice. We used the saline from the ps's office, which came in those little pink plastic tubes, but you can also buy it at the drug store (it's called Little Noses, I think). The drug store kind is harder to use though because it tends to came out too fast, getting your baby's face all wet!

Good luck! Lori

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