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Even after palate repair, our son still has a "notched" uvula. Is this what a bifid uvula is? It kind of looks like a rounded "W" (Does that make sense?)



Yes, that would be a bifid uvula. A child with a repaired cleft can end up with a normal uvula, a split uvula, an oddly-shaped uvula, or no uvula at all. Generally, if this is the end result after surgery it does not create a problem. If the child is born with a bifid uvula, that is a red flag to look for a submucous cleft.


Elizabeth's bifid uvula was more complete than just a notch. She actually had what looked like two uvula's with a horseshoe in the middle.

\       /---------\       /
 \     /           \     /     (only more like a roller coaster)
   \_/               \_/

When they stitched it together, I believe her PS actually stitched the two uvula's back to back (kind of like folding it in half at the middle of the cleft) (after they repaired the muscle). The separation is actually at the mid point where it appears they joined the uvula's.

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